Social responsibility

The GGE Code of Ethics is intended to protect the company, its reputation and its brand. It applies to all of the company’s employees, partners and management. It is everyone’s duty to comply with this Code, behave according to its provisions and promote its application.


We prefer and encourage mutual respect and trust between employees in the workplace. Each employee’s views and personal development are a priority for the company. Employees are remunerated fairly according to their performance.

GGE, a.s. strongly opposes any form of discrimination, and it is not tolerated either within or outside of the workplace. We believe that every employee represents us even outside of the workplace. This is why we invest in the development of our people in order to help them achieve their goals and fully utilise their skills.

We also focus on our employees’ health – both mental and physical – which is why we strive for a safe and comfortable working environment. In addition to implementing safety guidelines, we are building a stable environment throughout our companies to grow together with our employees.

We believe that fair treatment, mutual respect and long-term investment in the development of our people, together with stable jobs and fair remuneration, bring us qualified, loyal and motivated employees in the long term.

Business partners and clients

Trust is the foundation of our business. If it wasn’t for trust in the stability and reliability of our operations or energy supplies, our business would fail. Therefore, deep and stable mutual trust among all of our stakeholders is essential. Our business partners and clients have absolute confidence in us, which is why we treat all of the information obtained or exchanged within our business relations as strictly confidential. Our reputation is irreplaceable, so we are committed to complying with all terms set forth in agreements, as well as engaging in ethical and accommodating behaviour toward other entities.

Responsible entrepreneurship and community support

The GGE Group is fully aware of – and takes pride in – its social responsibility. In precisely the same way, each of our employees supports the local communities around our businesses and strives to improve the environment. We help our surrounding communities through various activities, in particular sports, arts, ecology and education.