ESG Strategy in the GGE Group

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is an approach to corporate governance that considers success and activities in terms of profit and loss, and from the broader perspective of its impacts on society and its employees. Within the GGE Group, we have focused on many of the issues involved in ESG for a long period of time and so we decided to apply ESG principles in a structured, group-wide way that allows them to be measured, evaluated, and progressively developed. These are the key areas that we want to focus on in the near future.


Green is in our blood

Preserving and supporting the environment is at the core of our business activities. This is why we decided to convert the fuel source used by our trucks in recent years, with 18 being converted from diesel fuel to CNG. Various optimisation and infrastructure projects have resulted in CO2 emissions from LNG transport per MWh being reduced from 0.027 to 0.009. The heating segment has not lagged behind and we completed in-depth technical analysis at the heating plant in Považská Bystrica to maximise its CO2 emissions reductions.

Reducing carbon emissions from business development – green business / initiatives

We are always looking for new business opportunities in the GGE Group. This is especially true in the case of environmentally friendly options for developing our business. We prepared a feasibility study for using biogas from renewable sources in our energy mix. Within the Group we also continuously evaluated new investments into renewable energy sources.

We prevent environmental accidents

We pro-actively fight against the risks arising from our business. One of them is environmental accidents, which we prevent by implementing best practices and preventive measures wherever possible. As part of prevention, we also plan to fill a special position of environmental and safety coordinator, who will be in charge of this particular agenda.

Social responsibility

Employee engagement is key for GGE

We regularly conduct employee engagement surveys. We then craft and implement action plans to make improvements based on their results. We repeat the survey every 2 years to ensure we have current information on the perception of individual areas within the company and the impact of the implemented action plans.

Quality OHS means

Occupational health and safety is not a scrap of paper at the GGE Group. We continuously work to train our employees in proven practices, and to minimise risks related to their professions and work. We also invest in facilities and technologies to create a safe and healthy working environment. Our goal is to completely avoid accidents that could injure employees. Within safety, we regularly conduct safety audits, and implement corrective measures based on the audits and accidents at work.

Customer satisfaction is paramount

Companies in the GGE Group’s portfolio aim to build a long-term relationship with their customers. Therefore, it is essential to know their opinion and their experience with our services. That’s why we prepare a customer satisfaction survey every year, based on which we create an action plan for changes that lead to the elimination of shortcomings and an increase in customer satisfaction. We evaluate our success from the gradual growth of the evaluation results in the framework of the satisfaction survey.

Our employees are equal

Equal opportunities are a fundamental social problem for us. We want to be an example in this area and hence we intensively work on collecting statistics and data that help us lead the group in such a way that none of its employees is unfairly valued or favoured. This applies directly in the case of wages, and in terms of employee training and other areas included in uniform policies for all employees of the group.  We are working to define the principles of equal opportunities in our Group through our diversity policy as well.

We help through the GGE Foundation

GGE Group employees know the greatest joy comes from selflessly helping others. That is the reason why we decided to create and develop the GGE Foundation, which has the capacity and resources to support and develop the communities in which we operate. We did not abandon the individual projects and initiatives that we supported prior to the establishment of the foundation either! We continue to work to ensure our support is more transparent and directed so that its effects can be most felt where needed.


We meet face to face

Our employees in the regions are just as important as those who sit in Bratislava. That is the reason why we decided to organise 4 town hall meetings annually at every facility where group leadership meets with facility management and all employees. The meetings are used to present changes within the group, new initiatives, to review the past period, but in particular to provide an opportunity for direct discussion. It is an open forum for our employees and their needs, concerns, and praise.

Minimising infrastructure outages

A large portion of our business depends on the quality and reliability of our infrastructure. That is why we are working in the GGE Group to implement detailed risk assessment and monitoring to move towards predictive maintenance. The goal is to make repairs and to conduct operational maintenance before problems occur and without or with a minimum of restriction on system functionality.

We don’t cheat in business

Corruption, nepotism and unfair practices distort the market and undercut even the best initiatives and measures. Therefore, they have no place in the GGE Group. We constantly train our employees on how to identify corrupt behaviour, where to report it, and how to eliminate it. We will investigate any reported suspicion of corrupt behaviour in the Group and take immediate action. Every 2 years, we retrain all employees on the anti-corruption policy and thoroughly investigate all reported incidents.

Violation of regulations? Unacceptable!

The cornerstone of any ethical business is compliance with the regulations and laws of the country in which the company does business. It’s simple for us, our goal is not just scrape by and barely pass external audits, but to serve as an example of responsible business. We therefore try to be 100% compliant with regulations and laws during external audits every year.

The rules apply to everyone we do business with

We do not close our eyes to problems. We want to guarantee our customers that their funds are used efficiently, ethically and with the least possible impact on the environment, not only here, but also within our entire supply chain. Therefore, we work intensively to ensure that our suppliers also ascribe to the goals and values that we have set for ourselves in the GGE Group.

Cyber threats never sleep

Thanks to advances in technology, we can produce, distribute and deliver energy better and more efficiently than ever before. However, we know that the increased computerization and integration of control units also brings with it an increased risk of being attacked by an external threat. We place an emphasis on cyber security within the group, because we realise that neglecting risks or an unfortunate accident can lead to a reduction in the comfort of thousands of families or stop production in hundreds of our partners’ businesses.