GGE is one of the leading Slovak energy groups, investing in many areas of the energy sector, including generation, distribution and supply. We are also one of only a few energy groups that has made significant investments in production capacities and innovation. Our strong financial background has made us a highly sought-after and stable investment partner in energy project construction.

Since our founding in 2007, we, as well as the group, have maintained growth trends in the majority of services we have entered. We have benefited from our extensive market experience with companies that maintained leading positions decades before the market liberalisation – especially in foreign markets where we have successfully become the pioneering alternative energy supplier. Currently, we operate on the Slovak, Czech and Polish markets.

Our continual successes, development and growth have made us an attractive investment opportunity for the British investment fund Infracapital, part of M&G, the global financial and insurance group. Infracapital has been a strategic investor in GGE since 2015, bringing stronger international development to the group and our clients, bolstering our stability and guaranteeing our reliability and continued growth.

But GGE’s success is built on our people, both at GGE, a.s. and our subsidiaries. We employ top experts in energy production, maintenance, supply and sales. Our long-term investment in human capital in the energy consulting field means we can help our clients with much more than simply the supply and production of energy. Our consulting services include a comprehensive perspective of our clients’ enterprises, as well as efficient solutions to their energy challenges.

However, we never lose sight of the fact that our wide portfolio includes reliable supplies of heat, electricity and gas for households. With this service we also go beyond the role of regular suppliers – we offer our clients comprehensive property management for their comfortable and carefree usage.

Yet, despite our vast international investments, we never forget where we come from. Even abroad, we always behave the way we do at home – with respect and concern for the environment. We do not hesitate to implement innovations and technologies that reduce or even eliminate environmental burdens. We utilise the latest technologies and renewable resources in our facilities. And we are acutely aware of our social responsibility for the people living around our businesses. This is why we support physical education, arts, ecology and education projects every year.

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Infracapital invests, builds and manages a diverse range of basic infrastructure in order to meet society’s changing needs and foster long-term economic growth.

They have over 80 years of investment experience, GBP 341 billion in managed assets, 5.5 million customers in 29 markets and over GBP 45 billion in infrastructure investments worldwide.

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Clean energy – reliably, without waste and at a reasonable price.






GGE’s milestones


GGE emerged as a new player in the Slovakian energy sector.


GGE made its first acquisition – Pov Byt in Považská Bystrica, which became one of our most successful investments. We began investing extensively in the city’s heat infrastructure.


GGE continued by acquiring Southerm in Dunajská Streda, which joined our growing portfolio.


Large investments in Považská Bystrica culminated with the launch of a modern and environmentally friendly cogeneration unit that output 60 MW of installed electricity and 54 MWt of heat. Read more

Simultaneously, the city’s pipelines were being reconstructed and it was gradually constructing transfer stations. Read more

In Dunajská Streda, the heat and hot water pipelines as well as the boiler room were extensively reconstructed, and new cogeneration units were installed with a capacity of 2 + 3 MWe, corresponding to 6 MWt. Read more

With the acquisition of Tenergo Brno, GGE extended its portfolio to include engineering services.


ELGAS, the first Slovakian provider, began providing a combined supply of gas and electricity to its end customers.
Elgas also entered the Serbian market as the first alternative gas supplier in Serbia.


GGE acquired Energy Snina, adding a new portfolio of households which we supply heat to.
Tenergo Brno and Pov Byt were merged to form Teplo GGE, which also provides administrative and support services to the other heat generating plants within the Group.


Extensive investments allowed the GGE Group to establish a new, modern cogeneration heat source at the Energy Snina premises. The fuel base was changed from coal and biomass to natural gas.

GGE entered the Polish market by acquiring the Polish electricity supplier Enet Energy Polska, which was incorporated into the group structure as Elgas Poľsko.

Elgas CZ was established, thereby expanding into the Czech market.


Elgas became the third-largest gas supplier in the Slovak market, exceeding the milestone of 1.4 million MWh of gas delivered.


GGE, a.s. was joined by a new strategic investor – Infracapital, an investment fund of the global insurance and financial group Prudential. In 2019, a split took place and Infracapital was replaced by M&G.

Elgas continued down the road of success, exceeding 1 million MWh of electricity supplied. By the end of the year, this increased to 1.3 million MWh.

GGE also acquired the first production plant in Poland – in Siemianowice Śląskie [Upper Silesia] (Cieplownia Siemianowice).


GGE acquired the heat plants and heat management companies (owned by IDEA98) in the towns of Tarnowskie Góry and Pyskowice.

And at long last GGE made an acquisition in Slovakia, expanding its portfolio to include heat management in Sereď.

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Our quality guarantee

SGS ISO 9001
SGS ISO 14001
SGS ISO 45001


ISO 9001 Quality management system

This standard deals with the process approach regarding the customer-supplier relations. It must be applied during quality system implementation and subsequently defended in the certification audit process.

ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL Management System

Promoting environmental protection and preventing pollution.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

This specifies the occupational health and safety management system requirements for organisations. The International Standards Organization (ISO) helps organisations develop concepts and long-term goals that account for legal and other requirements regarding health and safety risks.