We encompass the entire energy cycle
We produce clean energy
We are a trusted partner

We can give you more than our energy

Heat and electricity production

  • Electricity produced via high-efficiency cogeneration
  • Utilisation of renewable energy sources, such as geothermal and biomass
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Heat supply and distribution

  • Supplying heat for 7 cities in Slovakia and Poland
  • Operating 128 kilometres of heat pipelines
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Electricity and gas supply

  • One of the Top 5 Slovak suppliers with more than 2,000 customers
  • Supplying electricity and gas in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland
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GGE Distribution

  • Dedication to building and operating local distribution networks
  • Electricity, gas, drinking water and processed water distribution, as well as wastewater disposal
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Other services

  • Energy project engineering and implementation
  • Providing property and facility management for 35,000 customers
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We undertake projects
with momentum

GGE offers a wide portfolio of activities, as well as the experience, professionalism and expertise of our employees. Tell us your situation, and we will suggest a solution and a clear path to achieving it as quickly and effectively as possible.

We supply comprehensive energy technologies

Our thorough and reliable project implementation allows us to provide stable energy supplies for households and businesses, but also public institutions such as schools, hospitals and offices.

Our numbers tell the story

We proudly build and operate our energy distribution systems.




360 mil.





Electricity produced



Gas supplied