Elgas Slovensko has a new director

29. July 2019

The GGE Group has acquired a new director for its subsidiary Elgas Slovensko. Elgas is led by Vlastimil Vaníček, an experienced energy sector manager.

“Elgas has great growth potential. I believe that our competitive advantage in the form of know-how shared within the group is very interesting for our corporate clients. At GGE we focus on the entire energy cycle from energy production through its distribution to its supply to the end customer, delivering high quality services and reliable energy supplies to our customers at competitive prices,” says Vlastimil Vaníček. Elgas Slovensko and its foreign branches are suppliers of electricity and natural gas. Elgas was the first in Slovakia to bring a combined supply of electricity and gas. In 2018, they supplied 5.16 TWh of electricity and 2.70 TWh of natural gas.

“I’m glad Elgas has come under the leadership of Vlastimil. I believe that Elgas will show its real potential in the near future,” says Jan Vymazal, CEO of the GGE Group.

Vlastimil Vanicek joined Elgas with rich experience from his previous assignments. For example, he worked as the Sales Director of SPP in the Czech Republic for more than 6 years.

“I believe that by deepening the integration of processes within the group and consolidating our operations, we will be able to focus on expanding our portfolio of services for greater customer satisfaction,” adds V. Vaníček.

GGE Group:

Founded in 2007, GGE is one of the fast growing energy companies in Central and Eastern Europe, with annual revenues of nearly EUR 300 million. Through its subsidiaries, GGE is a major energy commodity trader in Central and Eastern Europe.

The companies belonging to the GGE Group cover the entire energy cycle – from the supply of fuel for energy production through the production and distribution of energy to the operation and maintenance of energy production facilities. In Slovakia, for example, it operates a steam-gas cycle in Považská Bystrica, and manages the production and supply of heat in Dunajska Streda, Sereď and Devínska Nová Ves.

The GGE Group is also active in foreign markets, such as Poland, where for example since 2017 it has been the owner of DUON, which engages in the business of network supplies of natural gas as well as supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG). It has its own infrastructure, consisting of more than 480 kilometres of pipelines and 20 LNG liquefaction stations.

Since 2015, the British investment fund Infracapital has been a strategic investor in GGE.

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